How To Use A.I. To Optimize Your Asset Allocation

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The asset allocation decision is important for any investor. The goal is to balance risks and create diversification, taking into account your risk tolerance, investment objectives, time horizon, and other personal financial factors.

In making this decision, you may ask yourself:

If you currently have an investment brokerage account that’s not 100% in cash, you’ve already made an asset allocation decision – but is it the best one? If not, it may be time to re-allocate.

Tickeron’s Asset Allocator uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to show you how to better diversify your portfolio based on information you provide about your financial situation. You can get started with our Diversification Score® (DivScore®) tool, which creates a sample of a diversified portfolio that’s tailored to your needs.

Based on your DivScore, our algorithm will provide allocation ideas for assets and positions.

Based on your DivScore®, our algorithm will provide allocation ideas for assets and positions.

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Limitations: DivScore® isn’t a definitive measure of how well a portfolio is diversified, or of an investor’s probability of meeting his/her long-term goals. It’s a measurement tool for investors to get a better understanding of how effectively they have assembled a portfolio based on certain parameters. Investing involves the risk of loss, and investors should consider other factors such as cash flow needs, market outlook, fees, and so forth when building or adjusting an investment portfolio. The technology behind Diversification Score® (DivScore®) involves a sophisticated algorithm that measures factors like asset class, Sharpe ratio, correlations, and more. Tickeron created the algorithms and owns the technology used to generate Diversification Scores® or DivScore® is calculated based on the following, and results may vary based on how much info you provide: